A short set of printable forms can be found in the sidebar of this website. Additional forms will be added as they become available.

Insurance Policies

We participate with the following insurance companies:

  • Delta Dental of RI
  • Blue Cross Dental of RI
  • Delta USA

Financial Policies and Dental Benefits

Although this office will make every effort to assist with dental benefit determination it is important to keep in mind the fact that the ultimate responsible party is the patient. The insurance policy and benefit level is between the patient-employer and insurance company. If for any reason the insurance company does not pay the estimated benefit the patient will be responsible for payment , i.e. maximum allowable has been met, deductible has not been met, contractual time limit on procedure, coordination of benefits issues. Please be aware that dental benefits are payable when procedures are completed, and consequently with multi-step procedures (such as crowns and dentures) insurance benefits must be active when the procedures are completed.

Due to the constantly changing insurance market it is advisable for patients to review their insurance benefits with their employer and or their insurance company before treatment is started in an effort to help avoid conflicts and treatment delays. There are very few dental policies that will cover all procedures at a 100% level, especially for other than preventive procedures. With a very few exceptions medical insurance policies will not cover treatment in this office.

Being a small office with limited manpower resources we do not bill. Portion of charges owed by the patient are payable at the time of treatment. We accept cash, personal check, debit and major credit cards. As an added convenience for our patients this office also participates in the CareCredit program.

Payment Options

We accept payment in the following forms: